Jaroslav Kalous

E-mail: jaroslav.kalous@gmail.com

Stručně o mně

Doc. Jaroslav Kalous, PhD.

Vystudoval MFF UK, v roce 1997 habilitoval na PedF UK v Praze v oboru pedagogika. Má za sebou 30 let praxe v různých oblastech; pracoval ve výzkumu (Československý ústav práce a sociálních věcí, Československá akademie věd, Univerzita Karlova) i ve veřejné správě na národní (poradce ministra školství) i mezinárodní úrovni (zástupce ředitele pro vzdělávání, kulturu a sport Rady Evropy). Jako expert pracoval v mnoha zemích pro různé mezinárodní organizace (Světová banka, OECD, Evropská komise, Evropská vzdělávací nadace aj.). Má na svém kontě asi 100 publikací. V současné době přednáší na katedře veřejné a sociální politiky FSV UK v Praze.


1. Family name:  Kalous
2. First names:  Jaroslav
3. Date of birth:  15 May 1949
4. Nationality:  Czech
5. Civil status:  Divorced
6. Education
Institution from – to Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Charles University, Prague 1992-1996 PhD Education, doctor theses "Education policy and its actors in democratic society"
Canadian Bureau for International Education, awarded 1991 Certificate, Management of Change
Charles University, Prague 1967-1972 MA Theoretical Cybernetics

7. Language skills: (indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent, 5 - basic)
Language Reading Speaking Writing
Czech 1 1 1
English  1 1 1
French  1 2 3
Russian 1 1 2

8. Membership of professional bodies:
INEI – International Network for Educational Improvement, Hong Kong
ENIRDELM – European Network for Innovations, Research and Development of Educational Leadership and Management
Managing Global Transitions. International Research Journal (Editorial Board)
Development, Environment and Foresight (Editorial Board)
Czech Association of the Club of Rome (Board)
Czech Association of Educational Research

9. Other skills:  Computer literacy, mathematical statistics, research and teaching

10. Present position:  International Consultant, Associate Professor of Education at the Charles University, Prague

11. Years of professional experience: 30 years

12. Key Qualifications:
• 20 years of experience in conducting education evaluations (Albania, BiH, Czech Rep., Latvia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine)
• 30 years of professional experience in different areas of public education sector - from research and teaching to service in administration and policy advice on national (Adviser to Minister of Education CR) and international level (Deputy Director for Education, Culture and Sport, Council of Europe)
• Knowledge of EC procedures and evaluation methodology, proven record of conducing complex analyses and comparative studies
• Thorough understanding of challenges of VET (regular participation in different evaluation teams – work for EC, OECD, ETF, WB etc.)
• International trainer on education policy reform, such as course organized by the World Bank Institute for civil servants from the Former Soviet Union countries or training of Ministers of Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya etc.
• Personal experience with democratic transformation of education from his own and other countries
• Participation in many projects supporting education for democracy (Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, India, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Russian Federation, Ukraine and USA).
• Author of about one hundred publications on education, for example chief editor of three volumes Educational Policy
13. Specific experience (in Non-EU-member-countries):
Country  Date from – Date to

Colombia 2014
Libya 2014
Turkmenistan 2011-2012
Ukraine  2006-2008
Belorussia 2008
Bosnia and Herzegovina  2004-2005
Western Balkan  2003-2004
Albania  2002-2003
Latvia  2000-2001

14. Professional experience:

Date: Location: Company: Position: Description:
2000-to date  Czech Rep. Charles University Associate Professor  Department of Public and Social Policy and Centre for Educational Management.
Research on public policy, lectures on education policy and management.
2014 Czech Rep.  EC (IBF) Senior Team Leader  Evaluation in the Eastern Partnership Youth in Action window – Worldwide, – Expert in evaluation in youth, education and employment sector
2014 Colombia Int.-American Dev. Bank Expert Skills for Productivity, Models of institutional arrangements for design and implementation of the National Qualifications System
2014 Libya British Council Short Term Senior Expert Workshop on the Czech experience in reforming TVET system
2013 Czech Rep. EC (WYG) Short Term Senior Expert Further Improvement of the Quality and Relevance of Professional Education System - Turkmenistan
2012 - 2013 Czech Rep. EC (IBF) Quality Controller Evaluation of  EU Assistance to European Humanities University
2011 - 2012 Turkmenistan EC (IBF) Expert in Education Reform Management Project „Support to Modernisation of the Education System in Turkmenistan“. Responsible for comparative analysis of education, strategy development, capacity building and Quality Assurance
2010 Czech Rep. EC (PPMI Lithuania) Expert in Programme Evaluation Interim evaluation of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2009
2009 -2010 Czech Rep. ETF (IBF) Expert in Education and Economics “National economic competitiveness and education policies and strategies in selected EU and ETF partner countries” (Ireland, Finland, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Armenia, Egypt)
2008- 2009 Czech Rep. Ministry of Education CR Member of Expert Group Evaluation of National Programme of Education CR and preparation of new education strategy
2007 – 2008 Ukraine EC/WB (ECORYS)  Expert in Education Governance  Joint- World Bank –EC Initiative on the Development of Human Capital for Economic Growth, Competitiveness and Innovation in Ukraine. Responsible for writing thematic paper on education policy and governance in Ukraine. Annex 7 in https://download.ecorys.com/fuu/downloads/WB-EC_Initiative_Final_Report_ev.pdf

2008 Ukraine MoFA CR Education Specialist Series of workshops “European alternative for Eastern Ukraine”
2008 Belarussia MoFA CR Education Specialist Series of workshops “European alternative for Belorussia”
2008 Ukraine World Bank Institute Trainer “Education Policy Reform: Regional Responses to Global Challenges”. Course for civil servants from Former Soviet Union
2006-2007 Ukraine EC (Cambridge Education) Long-term Teacher Development Expert Civic Education in Ukraine with the Ministry of Education and Science. Responsible for evaluation of state-of-art, recommendations, assistance in development of new handbooks and  introduction of training in civic education at Pedagogical Universities and In-service Teacher Training Institutions https://www.civiced.org.ua/eng/index.php

2004-2005 Bosnia and
Herzegovina EC (IBF and British Council) Public Administration Expert Functional Review of Public Administration of Education Sector: Thorough and comprehensive analysis of public education system in particular its rationalisation and the re-organisation of functional competences according the EU best practices. Structural review of in total 23 educational institutions including ministries, pedagogical institutes. Chief editor of the report (450 pp.) with recommendations on policy measures and on main areas of education governance and finance

2004 Czech Rep. UNDP Contributor Millennium Development Goals: Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion Report. Responsible for setting the proposal of Education Goals for the Ministry of Education CR. https://www.ceses.cuni.cz/CESES-34-version1-mdgr_cr_eng_part1.pdf

2003- 2004 Western Balkans EC (Arcadis) Team Leader Project “Public Administration Reform Capacity-Building in the SAP Countries”. Feasibility Study on SHEPAR - School for Higher Education on Public Administration Reform. Evaluation of public administration reforms in four countries, complete proposal for a new regional institution. https://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/37/5/37969472.pdf.

2002- 2003 Albania ETF Head of Publication Team Elaboration of comprehensive education reform strategy for Albanian VET. Evaluation of recent progress in VET policy development including in-depth review of 6 key areas: legislation, governance, financing, curriculum, teacher training, social partnership. Operational conclusions and recommendations for policy-makers https://www.aeneaswarm.org/downloads/UNPAVocationalTrainingAlbania.pdf

2001 Latvia ETF (FTP International) Evaluation Expert Final evaluation of the EU Phare programme VET 2000 including institutional audit, reorganisation and training for the staff of MOES
2000 Latvia ETF (FTP International) Team Leader Final evaluation of two EU Phare programmes (Higher Vocational Education and Training in Latvia and Business Education Reform in Latvia)

1999- 2000 Czech Rep. EC (DHV CR) Team Leader Development of National Strategy of Human Resource Development in the CR. Coordination of team of 15 experts. In depth review of the sector of human resources development in the country

1997-1999 France Council of Europe Deputy Director for Education, Culture and Sport  Managed about 30 multilateral and bilateral projects around Europe. Financial management, supervision of 140 subordinates; Meetings and negotiations on intergovernmental co-operation with governmental representatives all over the Europe (Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Ambassadors etc).
1997 Czech Rep. EC Team Leader Management Training in Education with a University Degree. Feasibility study. Founder of 6-semesters university course entitled "Educational Management" tailored to needs of top education administration staff from MOE, Inspectorate, School District Offices and principals of primary and secondary schools.
1996-1999 Czech Rep. IEA National Team Leader IEA Civic Education Project: international comparative research across 24 countries

1996-1997 Czech Rep. ETF (DHV CR) National Team Leader Monitoring and evaluation of VET reform strategy. Coordination of 50 people working in 7 groups covering all aspects of VET reform resulting in publication with P. Grootings “From Pilot Schools to Reform Strategy” https://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICDocs/data/ericdocs2sql/content_storage_01/0000019b/80/15/95/50.pdf

1995-1996 Czech Rep. OECD Contributor OECD Reviews of National Policies for Education: Czech Republic
1993-1994 Czech Rep. EC (DHV CR) Team Leader “Renewal of Education System of Czech Republic”. Analytical evaluation study with recommendations.
1992-1997 Czech Rep. Institute for R and D of Education Director and Associate Professor Financial management of semi-independent university institute. Supervision of 30 staff members. Fund-raising, planning and management of many projects Moderator of regular Round Tables on »Hot issues of educational policy” with participation of all different education stakeholders, experts, politicians and media
1991-1992 Czech Rep. Hobéon Expert Dutch MOE sponsored project to assist Czech MOE to strengthen its capacity. Analysis and recommendations concerning educational administration.

1990-1992 Czech Rep. Ministry of Education CR Adviser of Minister Prepared the documentation and budget (10 MECU) for the first EU Phare assistance to the Czechoslovak education – programme »Renewal of Education System”. Analysis, priority setting, budgeting.

1989-1990 Czech Rep. Civic Forum Education Committee Chairman One of 15 members Board of Civic Forum – the key political body of the transitional phase. Co-ordination of some fifty new educational initiatives. Negotiation and facilitation of dialog between them and old regime staff of MOE. Preparation and implementation of educational reforms after Velvet Revolution CR
15. Other relevant information: About 100 professional publications